Farted on his dick 😩😵

Y'all I'm so embarrassed lmao.. so me and my man were having sex last night and I'm big and pregnant so basically me on my back is the easiest way.. wellllll he was getting it in right and I am kinda loud and I felt like it was bout to happen ya know.. 💦

So I relaxed and out came a fart right on his dick and balls 😩😩😩 LMAO...

I just was quiet for a sec and I guess he thought I was coming cause I usually squirt and queef a little when I do.. and I had no choice but to just go with it omg

"You coming on my dick baby?!"

I'm like " yaasssss"

Knowing I just farted on him 😂😩

But y'all it's so sad cause then he came and I didn't ever get mine!!!! Lmao