Mold! And I'm pregnant

Nov 1st me and my husband moved in a 2 bed room condo also our 4 yr old....which I thought was beautiful. 1 week living here my son has been getting sick coughing runny nose so I thought maybe it's a cold so I would kept him home for a day cause he just wanted to sleep :( next day it led to him throwing up at night and he had a little fever so I kept him home again. He didn't want to sleep in his room so I told him he can sleep with me and his father. 2 weeks go by and he's up again at night doing the same thing but he threw up 3x and was saying belly hurts and he was hot so I said okay no school today and I brung him to the doctors and got a doctors note. 2 days later dcf got involved because my son has been missing a lot of school and I just told them hes been sick when he was smaller he did have asthma and he did have a pump but now he doesn't so I thought it's just a cold because the weather change. So she said it's a 30 day investigation but came in as low risk so she'll contact me if anything. I felt really sad and didn't know what to do. A week went by and I went to clean my sons room and I opened the blinds and found mold! Ran to my room opened my blinds and found mold as well! My husband was on his way home so I showed him. He immediately called the landlord and he didn't answer so my husband texted him then sent pictures and he responded to them but didn't answer !? So I'm furious he says that he'll by by next week. It's been 3 days and the mold in my room is horrible I'm also pregnant 23 weeks! And my son woke up today coughing throwing up so I brung him to the doctors at 4 am I was coughing as well because I have asthma. The doctor said it may be caused by the mold but he can't tell at this point we contacted the landlord at 5 am and it's now 1030 am he hasn't responded idk if I should call my dcf worker for ideas but I need some advice