Move on or fight for it !

So, to start I married September of 2016 to a man I thought had changed. I'll start with saying financially I'm wonderful but emotionally I'm devastated. This man cheated on me and even sent his side bitch a picture of me naked accidentally( before we married). The worst part is she knew. For some history he's my mothers brother in law. It was wonderful he sent me flowers to work all the time went on dates. Came to visit me. About 8 months in he started to go out come home late. He than changed and mid way through the summer he wanted to move in together which we did. His daughter moved in with us. About a month in he started acting strange. He used his business to come home late. One day he called me to tell me he was coming home early. About an hour later I called to see if he could pick my son up from school. Didn't respond for eight hours and his wonderful excuse was he was at a junk yard with no signal 😂. Well days later he broke his phone and asked to use mine to connect to his Facebook. Dumb ads didn't log out. Well that same day he was pretending to be at the garage he was taking pictures of his Whore at a hotel. I left him... he begged me for weeks and I gave in and he also proposed to me. We got married and everything seemed wonderful. Well he started acting possessive and yet again I left him for three months. I found peace and happiness but felt lonely and gave in. Now I'm back and I'm miserable. He accuses me of cheating says he doesn't trust me. He will call me and if I happen to miss his call I'm cheating. I wear leggings it's a problem. He's happy only like twice a week. We have sex at least 6 times a week and still complains says I never want too. His misery is making me feel insecure and we have a house but he put it under his aunts name. Is this worth saving I need positive advise ????