Nervous I’m losing this little poppy seed 😩😩 UPDATE....


I’m cross posting this so I apologize in advance but I’m just really nervous and I can’t talk to the Dr till Monday. I’m 4w+5 which is 19dpo. My tests are getting really light instead of darker. I’m cramping but not bleeding yet...but the cramps are the strongest they’ve been so far. The pics below are 14dpo when I found out with fmu, 18dpo with smu, and today with fmu....which is the lightest. Just looking to hear from anyone with a similar situation to see how things went. I just have a bad feeling about it since everyone else’s lines seem to darken. Thanks in advance. I appreciate any info!!

Literally right after I posted this I had significant blood when I peed..just like my period. I called the on call Dr and they said it sounds like a chemical pregnancy. Nothing to do but wait till Monday. This sucks 😭