Anyone else fainted in their first trimester?


So my sister came and picked up my 15 month old son and I found this to be a good opportunity to do some grocery shopping and go to work. I was feeling really tired like usual but decided to push myself because its rare that I dont have the child with me. I got dressed and went shopping. My heart was racing really fast as im walking around the aisles. I get to the register and I decided to send a snapchat saying "I went grocery shopping and my heart is racing as if i just ran a mile" Im standing there talking to the clerk about nacho cheese and when it comes to paying I remmeber taking my money out and putting it on the counter then all of a sudden I feel really bad and lean on my cart, i felt all the energy drain out of me. Then my eyes started to go dark (I have headrushes a lot where my eyes go dark but it goes away usually and everything is fine) and im standing there waiting for the darkness to go away but its not going away and im standing there thinking maybe I should tell the clerk I feel like im going to faint but Ive never fainted before so i dont want to cause panik if this is nothing.. then I think he asked me if I was alright. Thats when I hear another clerk calling for the manager as im laying on the floor in total disbelief that I actually passed out. but man did i feel so much better as soon as i woke up.