want it to be over

I don't want to be with my boyfriend any more he has change not the guy I fell for a yr ago all he does is play video games none stop he is very disrespectful around my parents he talks dirty in front of them he gets over everythin I try to talk to him bout. He is very jeluse of my nieces when I spend time with them an there only 8 an 3. He gets mad cuz I doodle my nieces name on paper he tells everyone I don't love him cuz I don't doodle his name down to I'm like grow up ur 28. He gets mad cuz I don't want matching tattoos with him but I got one with my sister an brother. He don't talk to me face to face he will text me while sitting right be side me an I tell him if he has something to say say it to me don't text it to me I mean we r in the same house. my mom thanks he hasn't came out of the closest yet πŸ˜‚ cuz he acts like a girl all the time with the complaining an fussing over something a woman should get mad over. I'm just so done I tell him to get his own place he tells me that if I'm not goin to move in with him then he not goin to get one he just goin to stay here I told him that he should get his own place if I decide to move in with him I will he keeps pressuring me in to it witch I'm not liking. we hardly talk anymore. I don't even like cuddling or kissing him it makes me sick to my stomach. idk y. I can't kick him out cuz he has no where to go an when I try to kick him out in a nice way he makes me feel bad by saying he goin to be homeless cuz he don't have any family around here.. I'm not sure what to do I'm so stressed about it an I can't talk to him cuz he gets pissed an he seems like he don't care what I have to say I don't know what to do 😭😒😒