I feel so ashamed

I am all for the sister hood!!! I hate girls who sleep with married men men who have girlfriends and they know they do ect........ Well recently i’ve been in contact with an old mate we’ve met up a few times just reminiscing ect.....

Then one night we had drinks and slept together! That’s cool i’m single he’s single it’s all good right? WRONG i find out 2days after he as a girlfriends AND a baby! i don’t know what to do i feel so disgusting!!!

Expose him???

Or just cut all ties!??



i met with the woman today showed her and told her everything! she thanked me so much and she said i have nothing to apologise for she said his ass is gone now! We actually stayed out for a while having a coffee and were now planning a night out soon!! i’ve got a new friend out of all this :D girl power :)