Is this considered rape

Ok so I️ was dating this guy for a while and he was always more experienced than me and took my virginity. I️ always felt pressured to have sex with him and our relationship was purely sexual. I️ hated giving him head because I️ was scared that I️ wouldn’t please him. One night we were kissing and he tried pushing down my body to give him head and I️ ignored I️t. All of a sudden he gets quiet and we stop hooking up. As we lay on the couch facing the same way he pulls me closer and I️ feel he has a boner on my back. Time goes by and he tries to put his dick in. I️ push him back saying no, while still facing away from him. He continues to try and after a while I️ stop saying no and go silent. He inserts his dick and we start having sex, but I️ lay still and silent. I’ve said no many times before but kinda not in a serious way so maybe he thought this was a similar case. Is what he did considered rape ?