Don't know if I should stay..


I've been wanting to date this guy for so long... it took forever for him to decide that he was ready to be with a relationship but we're finally together. It's been almost two months.. but before we started dating we had been fwb's for years and he was kinda being a hoe. When he asked me out I figured he was ready to give that life up.. well he made it seem that way.

It took me a while to build my trust up with him but I finally trusted him. I didn't trust him before cause when we were fwb's he lied to me about a lot of things. Literally looked me straight in my eyes and lied to me with a straight face. I kept dealing with him because we were only friends and he wasn't obligated to tell me the truth anyway.

Now that we're together I figured he'd let go all of the other girls that he was fwb's with. He said that he did and that he told them that we were dating. But I went through his phone and saw that he was still the same.. he's still texting them and trying to talk to them even though we're actually dating now. Our relationship is great and we're really close but he's still trying to talk to other girls.. he's really handsome and flirtatious. He knows he's handsome too. I asked if he was sure that he wanted a relations with me and he said yes...I told him that I didn't trust him anymore because he lied to me about not talking to the other girls anymore. He wants me to stay with him and he says that he'll change.. he says he'll fix it. But I feel like he's not going to change..I'm afraid that he's just saying this to keep me with him. Because he really loves me a whole lot but I think that he doesn't want to let go of his old ways.. and I don't want to look stupid. I want to stick with him but I dont want him to keep lying to me and hurting me like this. I want to give him a chance to change but I'm having a hard time believing that he actually will. It's hard to believe what he says when he lies to me with a straight face like it's nothing. Help please..