Paranoid (UPDATE)

I hate being so paranoid. I have 2 angel babies and I'm currently 17 weeks 3 days with my rainbow baby. I've had cramping on and off from the beginning, but the past couple of days, the cramping has been pretty bad. I experience my first round ligament pain yesterday and it scared me so much, I didn't know what it was. But now today I'm having pretty intense cramping. I know I'm just being paranoid, but it's so scary. My next ultrasound is next Tuesday, which seems so far. I just want to see my baby and know that they're healthy. 😥

(Update) When my fiancé gets home from work, he's going to take me to the ER. It's better to be safe than sorry. I'm incredibly worried and on the verge of tears, but I'm trying to keep calm. Thank you to the lovely ladies who commented. 💖 I'll update again after I get back from the ER.

(Update 2) Everything is perfectly okay. I'm just paranoid.