Baby girl name Aubrieliana 💖.

Soo since I couldn’t edit my post on the poll I just wanted to say a few things.

I wanted MIDDLE NAMES suggestions, and I thought that since this was an majority motherly app that I would at least get some support. But boy was I wrong!!! Again I just wanted middle name suggestions not for anyone to critique my baby girls name or MY OTHER CHILDREN!!! Also btw my other kids LOVE their names and their unique spellings ☺️ and have no problem correct people. They EMBRACE their uniqueness like I have taught them. Just because the name isn’t another Emily doesn’t mean it’s a bad name. Anyways I just mainly wanted middle name suggestions, but instead I got judged on my child’s name and my other children which to me is just disgusting. Everyone has different naming styles and we should ALL RESPECT THOSE DIFFERENCES.

But for the people that genuinely suggested middle names thank you but we have made our final decision.

Her name is Aubrieliana Rosá after my mother that passed away.

* Also for the people complaining about the length I’m sorry that my child’s name is inconvenient for you but LONG names run in my family and in my culture, and everyone that we know has gotten used to it and calls us by our FULL name like a respectful person does. All of my children are very successful with their unique long and “ made up” names that they and my entire family loves. Thank you ☺️

- I don’t know why you guys are still trying to change my mind. Me and hubby love the name and we finally found a middle name we love. So we’re not changing our minds about the name thank you 😊