Nipple piercing question

Alexis β€’

I got my nipples pierced March 11th this year. today I was changing jewelry (cause I still wear the bars they pierced me with and recently got new ones) to surprise my boyfriend, and did it with no issue. they're the type that has the round piece thatthe bar goes through and your nipple sits in the middle. well, I took them out because all the stimulation was making my nipples leak πŸ˜…πŸ˜…, and when I went to put my original jewelry back in, got the first one in fine.. the second one was giving me trouble. I was being gental, trying to guide it to the other side.. it wasn't hurting, just a little uncomfortable. once I got it through I suddenly got really light-headed, hot, and felt like I was gonna throw up.. I have a really high pain tolerance, also. what the heck happened??