positive or negative? w pics

i took a preg test and the “control” line showed up. the test line didn’t light up pink but i can see it if i turn the test a certain way or shine my light on it. it’s not pink it just looks like it’s where the strip is. i took a bunch of pictures but it isn’t showing in them? help i’m freaking out :( i’m due for my period in 1 day eve says and i was kinda spotting earlier and a little crampy early in the day but they felt like period cramps.

there’s what looks like a line under the test line that also shows when i turn a certain way or shine my light on it and turn it a certain way

it’s an 88¢ test from walmart

every picture i take you can’t see it atvall

last time i had sex we used a condom, he pulled out and i’m on the pill.

i inverted colors on my phone and nothing showed up