My pregnancy announcement

I found out I was pregnant last Saturday and I wanted to wait to tell my husband until I went to the dr but I couldnt wait and I went out to Converse and bought these .... my hubby always has a pair of these , when one pair gets too old he buys them again

So I thought it would be a cute idea ... the box says "I want to be like you... DAD!" And the design outside was all christmasyy that I got at the dollar store

I put the box in the Christmas tree and told him I wanted for us to take a picture in front of the Christmas tree... I set

up the tripod and told him I had put a timer ... little did he know it wasnt a picture it was a video and I told him I had an early Christmas present for him

When I took out the box from the tree he thought they were cookies 😂

He loved it , we cried , we told our parents , we are excited!!!