10 Things That You Don't Know About Me

Im 15 years old and Im Bi (not sure 😂)

So basically its holiday and we don't have classes anymore so I went for a walk in the morning. I was alone and while I was running I'm trying to figure out what's going on about my sexuality. I tried to come out one time to my family but I got scared. I have a sister and she is very close to me and she's 14 years old. So she asked me to come with her for a run so I decided to go with her. Then we went for a run and we're going home while we were walking I decided to do a 10 Things That You Don't Know About Me... I asked her first so she said 10 things about her that I didn't know. Inside my head I was thinking to come out so I decided to come out to her. I said 9 things about myself... she counted them and said "one more left". I stuttered a bit and she said "Are you Gay😏?" in a joking way. So I kinda laughed about it and she said "Its okay if you're Gay, I don't care" After she said that I blushed and said "Im not sure about my sexuality and I think I'm Bi" and she said "I knew about that" 😊 I started crying because I was happy and she said "There's nothing wrong about that".

Im happy and relieved that I came out to her in a smooth way 😂😂

How bout you how did you guys came out???