Mucous plug lost & then water broke!

The last couple of days, I been so impatient. Wanting my baby out already. I googled ways to jump start.. I ate a lot of pineapple, I bought a exercise ball and bounced on that a lot, I did squats. All of which I thought did not help. This morning I woke up around 10am and cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen floor because it was dirty & then around 4pm today, I went to pee & when I wiped, I saw brown colored mucous on the tissue. I been losing small bits of clear/light green colored mucous everyday but today was the first time I ever seen that much & of that dark color. I figured it was my mucous plug/bloody show? Next I was waiting for contractions or something soon to start. At 1050pm, while driving with my sister in law, I felt a leak of fluid. It felt like I peed myself. It was quite a lot too. I figured my water broke. I called the hospital & they told me to come in. I was nearly home when I picked up my bf and we headed straight to labor & delivery where I was sent to the assessment room where they checked how dilated I was (1cm) and so much more liquid kept coming out. The results came back that it was my water that broke. Nurse told me they were admitting me and That i was not going home without a baby. Almost 3 hours later, light contractions have started. I'm so nervous. I'm scared about giving birth (pain) and the contractions getting worse... wish me luck!