Woah baby!


I had my 36 week check up last Thursday. One of the last things my doctor said was "remember contractions every 5 minutes for an hour give us a call". I brushed it off. I'm 36 weeks I thought, geesh. Also I was hoping my water would break again like my first. I laid down at 7:45pm that night I was exhausted. As soon as I laid down I started getting contractions. I thought hmmm maybe it's Braxton hicks?? I texted everyone I knew that had a baby they all assured me it probably was. My husband was up in the living room watching tv. After 40 minutes and contractions every 5 minutes I went out and said "I'm not sure if I'm in labor or not" and I went back to lay down. The pain kept coming and eventually was so bad I was i tears, my husband raced back to the bedroom and said you need to call your doctor.

Well, I called they said the on call doctor will return your call in an hour. Okay I thought time to get my stuff together. My husband told me we can't wait for a call, my contractions were coming fast. We woke up my 2 yr old and off to the hospital we went. I'm crying and so was my 2 yr old.

They checked me and I was 5cm! I was in total shock. They checked me in and got things rolling. I kept asking about an epidural finally after about an hour I got it and then my doctor came in. She said the answering service never paged her when I called. She checked me and I was 9cm!

A few minutes later I was ready to push and he practically flew out. Everything was over in less than 4 hours.

I was genuinely shocked to see my new son. He looks more like daddy. We are absolutely thrilled! He's beautiful. More importantly he's incredibly healthy even being 4 weeks early.

I give my husband all the credit in the world for acting crazy and forcing me to leave when we did for the hospital.

Please welcome Simon Joseph Kuc (Cook). He is 6lbs 9oz and 19 inches long and has hair for days!