Hottest thing ever

So I feel like I might get hate or this but I don't even care! Just started talking to this really handsome guy and we've clicked really well so far. So last night we were hanging out in the hot tub talking and drinking and making out when he started getting more aggressive with me which he knows turns me on and next thing I know he's pushing me up on the wall and we start gettin it on in the hot tub🙈 the bikini bottoms I had on were high waisted and kinda tight which was making it more difficult so he just ripped them off and my lord guys I don't know what it was but damnnn it was the hottest thing ever especially when he turned me around and took me from behind. I guess it was the excitement from the adrenaline because of the fact we were out in public but it was so hot it felt so amazing and ughhh I just can't😍 cant really tell my friends cause they'd all judge so I thought I'd share it here😂