Young Marriage Shaming Rant💍😡


I just want to say that i am beyond sick and tired of being told how to live my life. I am 18 years old at the moment. Yes its a young age. But if i want to get married with someone i love and someone who loves me back. Then don't give me rude comments... Yes, saying "you're too young" or "you have so much to look foward to in life, why are you settling down right now?" Or my favorite "feelings change and people change" is RUDE to me and my partner... and so what if we want to get married? Its not your life, it's ours. And i dont see it hurting anybody so why do you and everyone else have to tell us things like that? Just be happy and move on, even if you are against it. Don't bring your negativity on us. Me and my partner are both going into the military and we will be married by the time we are 19 years old. And if you have a problem with that, why don't you just go sit down with the other bitter people who are waiting to say rude things about our wedding plan. And if it doesn't happen to work out. ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. But I am not going to leave my partner because i want to live the single life and flirt with boys and do whatever i want. And i sure as hell am not leaving him because of your opinion about young marriage. I can do whatever i want as long as i am faithful to him. My partner makes me happy and he does everything for me so why would i leave him? Yes i know that feelings change and people change but there is something called putting in effort into a relationship. I have been scared and worried because of people's opinion about young marriage. But now i am pissed off and i am angry so this is my rant and this is my 🖕🏼 you to everyone who has ever tried to bring negativity on me. My partner and i believe our marriage WILL work and we will still continue to get married.

If you happen to be a young married couple or not, tell me your story!