TTC for almost 2yrs (actively) and then.....


I've been having spotting and brownish spotting this month, missing periods and then light periods and then regular period again. They did a follow up ultrasound because the last one had shown thickening of the endometrial lining, well they did it on the 14th and bad news.. 😣 They found a mass now and twice as thick.. They believe it to be endometrial cancer 😭, now I won't ever have another child, and to get my hopes up I seem to have ovulated this month but didn't last. I'm 33 and it sucks.

I just pray it's not cancer, or if it is I pray we caught it super early and I can beat it. It hurts that my son has to go through this again, his sister was diagnosed in 2014 with A.L.L. which left her blind but she beat it. 🙏.. Need your prayers that it's not cancer please and that whatever it is I will beat it.