UPDATE! 11wks 4days freqent brown discharge


I very unexpectedly found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after having my IUD inserted. I've since had it removed by hystoscope and everything was going well. About a week ago I had a dime sized clot on the TP and now I'm having brown discharge everytime I wipe. sometimes just coloring the TP, other times with what appears as large brown clots, twice is been bright red. Called my OB said take it easy and touch base on Monday, but I'm worried. I had significant cramps all night last night. anyone else have this happen? what's going on? I heard the HB 156 yesterday.

UPDATE: The cramps continued all afternoon, and I passed a large clot. headed to the hospital, ran tests, turns out we lost the baby at around 8weeks. needless to say I'm heartbroken. Now all symptoms have stopped, and I'm concerned I may have to have a D&C.; Fingers crossed.