Just another TTC RANT!!

Sherri • With the help of Glow, now pregnant with my third and final baby! :)
My fault I know, but what can I say I enjoy watching Dr. Phil!! But anywho: some dumb, stupid, herion addicted, pregnant, jobless, 18 yr. old!! Who dosent want to travel to Texas for treatment "Cause it's too far." And who can forget those 16 and pregnant young women. How does one simply have a "fun one night stand" and just happen to be ovulating to be able to conceive. It's just so irritating how you have beautiful couples in the world that aren't so lucky. :(  Sorry for the rant AF is due tomorrow and I don't want her to be but I feel her presence. And I'm just Irritable right now. But Glow did say to "Express my emotions" So I dedicate this rant to all the hard working Glow workers!! Thanks for listening!!