Petty beyond belief.

First off, Merry Christmas! Now for a little rant already. My MIL is now mad at my husband and I because she got us a lot if really nice gifts, and we couldn't afford to get her many or hardly as nice of gift's. She literally got me a new Kindle Fire 7! All we could get her was a new picture of us in a nice frame, some strings and a necklace, some Pureromance products (not cheap by the way), and a new beer cup set that is her favorite Christmas movie themed. We tried to stay in a budget of about $30 per person we bought for, but I spent well over $50 on her Pureromance alone, plus the rest of her stuff. Like, I'm sorry we aren't rich and that we are newly married and struggle financially. Thanks a million for our wonderful gifts and I am sorry yours aren't up to your expectations, but it's the best I could do.