Asking doctor for clomid


I had an appointment with a fertility doctor and was diagnosed with pcos a couple of weeks ago. I have been ttc for over 3.5 years and know I don’t ovulate on my own and didnt ovulate even when I was 100 pounds lighter. The doctor told me to try to lose some weight and she set me up an appointment to talk to a MFM specialist about the risk of overweight pregnancy. I already know there’s are risk and I’ve been trying to lose weight, but I’m going to go listen to what the MFM specialist has to say to make my doctor happy. I go back to my doctor in a couple weeks and I’ve lost about 10 pounds and hope to lose about 10 more before I go back. I’ll still be way overweight though.

Has anyone told their doctor that they understand the risk but still want clomid and your doctor listen?