Sick/Bad Cramps


So yesterday morning, I woke up sick as a dog. Either a really bad cold or the flu. In addition to being sick I also had very uncomfortable cramping. They weren't in tears cramping but it was close. Now these cramps would come and go sometimes and other times last for forever. (Come every 10-15 minutes and leave or just come and stay). I was cramping all day long !!! no bleeding just sick and cramping. Called ask a nurse at the hospital she said since I'm almost 19 weeks could be Braxton Hicks but nothing to really worry about. Told my friend who just had a baby and she was like that's so weird, id call doc in the morning if they don't stop. For whatever reason I finally decided to take a warm bath around 8pm and that helped a lot, no cramps the rest of the night This morning I sent my doctor a message about everything going on as they were slowly coming back this morning. Docs nurse responded saying doesn't seem to serious at this point but if symptoms worsen (more pain, bleeding etc) then call. Has anyone else gone through this ? If so, what ended up being your outcome?