Dog got into a fight in park


*EDIT* it wasn't a full on fight it was just a spat, and I don't know which dog started it. They were both going for each other. Interesting that some of you would kick someone else's dog .. surely there's a more effective way to break up a fight?

I've been walking my friend's dog for 2 years, she is a 5 y/o Labrador and usually very good tempered. I can count on one hand the number of times I've had to pull her away from a fight. It's never been bad just usually play fighting that's gone a bit far.

Today she got into a spat with a cocker spaniel, and so I (18yo) was trying to pull her off, because she was on top, but the spaniel's owner (like 65+) was kicking her?!

I got her separated in less than 20 seconds after the fight started, but I just felt that was a bit unreasonable to kick someone else's dog.

I just walked away after with her, I was pretty upset. Maybe I should've said something?

I did feel bad thought because obviously it's not nice to see her going for another dog (even though the other dog was also going for her).

Does anyone else have this problem? I mean, she's not an aggressive dog but maybe I should've handled the situation better? 😕