Can Glow benefit someone like me?

​I've been using Glow since November, and very actively since December now. I have been charting bbt and logging everything CM, sex, etc. However, my cycles are very out of wack since stopping birth control in May, and progesterone hasnt gotten them on track. I may make another dr appt soon as Im wondering if I have PCOS.. I'm due for a yearly in March but kind of wanting to go sooner.
I don't know if Glow can really benefit me since I can't log periods that I'm not getting :( I was taking opk tests last month and I got a solid smiley on the 20th and temp spiked at 98.2, so I thought I had ovulated - but since I didnt get a period in January, could I have still ovulated?? I'm a little confused on that. Last period was Nov 29 so I was thinking it might come today, but nope, and hpt is BFN :(
​I'm getting discouraged.