🤧💊Flu advice!!!! UPDATED🤒💊


I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant and I have Influenza type A 😩. The doctor prescribed me Tamiflu but I just remembered as I was getting ready for bed that I can't sleep without either taking Unisom or Tylenol PM. I found some stuff online that says it's safe to take Tylenol PM with Tamiflu but no data for pregnant women. Anyone out there have experience with this or advice? I've already tried going to bed without it and I can't sleep, but I will take a sleepless night over the risk of potentially hurting my baby if I have to. Any help would be appreciated!!! 😷😴💊

UPDATE (Posted for others who might have the same question)

Called a 24 hour pharmacy and we explained the situation. The pharmacist said it fine to take both when pregnant. Thank you everyone for your help and advice! 😊