Spotting 1 week before my perio


Hi Ladies! I hope everyone’s is having a fantastic Friday! 💕 MT DH and I have been trying for quite while to conceive.

After wiping myself this morning after my morning pee, the tissue had a very tainted almost to nothing brown tint on it. I’m like “hmmm...” and go about my morning. Then I went to the restroom this morning at work and I saw that my panties were ruined by blood spotting on them with a brown

tinge. No cramps, no warning. I am thinking early period or implantation bleeding. No bleeding now. I check internally to see if there were any more blood that was passing and came out clean. (Sorry for the TMI). It’s one week before my period is due.

What do you think? I’m just now playing the waiting game to see if I’m pregnant . *jeopardy music in the background* sorry if the picture is too TMI.

01/16 update: Took a test today and it came out negative. 🤷🏻‍♀️ maybe it’s too early? Or flo is coming. Who knows.