Is this normal?

Jasmin • crazy dog mom of 3🐶🐶🐶 01/22/2018 4w3d👼🏼 03/30/2018 4w5d👼🏼

I am currently 9-10 dpo and I feel like I’ve spent the past week training for the military or something 😂 from my butt muscles down to my right thigh (in the back) feel soooo sore 😫 It literally made my grocery shopping trip miserable tonight! But anyways, I walk my dogs daily, and today we walked for an extra 15 minutes. That’s all, so could this be related to early pregnancy symptoms? I feel like it’s a possibility but nothing else would explain this pain! Took a test at 7 dpo... negative.... of course because it was too early. My period is due on the 16th so I am TRYING to wait it out until the 17th...

Also, I have been peeing (large amounts) every hour, and not taking in any more water than usual. Is it too early for this to be associated with a possible BFP?? I have a few other symptoms but they could very possibly be associated to PMS.

Thanks in Advance!