Dumb Joke


So the other day I was texting my boyfriend, nothing flirty or anything just talking. Randomly, out of the blue he’s all like “I need to tell you something”, and I was just like ‘shiiiiiiit!’😵 in my head cause I thought he was gonna dump me. To give y’all some context we hadn’t really been talking that much, which was pretty unusual cause we would normally talk almost everyday. He’d gotten pretty upset that I was hanging out with some of my friends (one of them is a guy). Anyway my bf and this guy absolutely hate each other because their parents are in a huge fight. So after he sent the text about how he needed to tell me something he took FOREVER ⏱⏱ to send anything, all that I sent was “Oh” but I was having a freaking panic attack😖. I was so upset. Later he said that he was just kidding but it really shook me. I really like him and he’s never done anything like this. We’ve been dating almost a year and I’m really worried that he’s actually gonna dump me.

What do u guys think?

Inconsiderate, dumb joke🙄🙄 or Foreshadowing😬😬