Financial help getting away from abuse

I have been married 13 yrs . He is very abusive mostly verbally , but it does get physical. He wash brushing his teeth and flung his toothbrush at me it went all down my back in my hair this was just a friday. I have 2 kids he has my 4 yr old son make fun of me and is abusive to me in front of him I have a 15 yr old daughter and he has told he just recently she's not his f ing child etc. I work part time . my question is I want to move our but and financially unable could I apply for food stamps, or anything else while still married. if I could this would help me be able to leave. I also want to file my taxes separate from him because I think I could get a good bit back and this could help also. any advice is appreciated. I will not go to a shelter but I am trying very hard to find some where to go. I do. not have family I could stay with. I am looking into apartments that include utilities but I also heard he could get me for abdonmnet during a divorce if I leave???