It’s a boy! 💙

• A • R • T

Contractions were inconsistent since 1130am. I decided to stick it out til 3 since I had a scheduled ultrasound & an NST right after (my due date was Jan10th). By the time they got to doing my ultrasound, 30 min felt like an hr and that’s when I realized I was actually in labor. 30 more min go by, and as if contracting during an ultrasound wasn’t enough... I began to have added back pain here n there. Headed down 1 floor for the NST at 4 and *thank baby*, what was supposed to be 20 min only turned out to be 10ish. Asked doc to check me but she said there was no point 🙃 (contractions weren’t consistent and I was “only” 3/4cm when she checked me yesterday). Ok, whatevaaa. “Head to the hospital when they’re consistent or when the pain becomes intolerable”, got it. What do ya know... I finally start timing the contractions bc the back pain was really getting to me. By the time I got home, I had timed about 9 of them (each lasting a whole 60 sec & about 5 or 6 min apart). My mom seen just how much pain I was in and was like “go to the hospital!” so that I did. By this time it was 530/6pm and as soon as I told them I was having contractions, they wheeled me right into L&D; when they finally checked, I was dilated to 7/8cm! I was so f*cking happy that the pain would all be over soon. They asked if I wanted an epidural but I opted out since I managed without one for my first born. Everything progressed quickly from then on out. I remember telling the nurse I GOT TO push and she was like “you can’t!” I was laying on my left side and did it anyways. Felt like I peed, but I guess my water broke. Dr broke the rest and by then it was prob 630. Pushed my baby out in 15 min and before my SO could squeeze my leg to tell me “it’s a boy!” I remember thinking 😳 oh sh*t, my baby has balls as soon as they lifted him to show me. Lol. I swear I cried happy tears like 5 separate times bc it’s still so surreal that my lil fam is complete & I never have to do this again (maybe 😆).

BABY ROLAND decided he needed his own day to shine & waited a day after his due date to come instead of sharing his birthday with grandpa! 7lbs, 7oz (just like his sister) & 21 inches @ 6:44pm.

Didn’t tear/rip, but baby love did give me a couple scratches due to having his hand by his face as he was coming out.

*Brb, tying my tubes* 😭