Possible MC

Briana • GOD First 🙏🏽✝️ 💙06/10/07 TTC Baby#2 🌈 It’s been a journey, trying to keep focused on what GOD is trying to teach me in this besides patience & trust 🙏🏽🙌🏽👶🏽💍


So I’m pretty sure I miscarried y’all. Just trying to stay positive, leaning on my GOD for strength. Only HE knows what’s HE’S doing, so all I can do is trust HIM. I’m not going to let this Mc take me out like the last one, I was depressed for weeks. I’m so grateful for my Faith in GOD, or else I’d be a mess right now. Getting my thyroid checked in the morning to see if I have a hormone imbalance. Perhaps that’s what keeps causing me to Mc. Keep me lifted y’all...Thanks for the support 🙏🏽😘

Please pray for me Ladies. I just found out & posted on Friday that I was pregnant. But today already started with lower abdomen pressure/cramping and bleeding. Let GODS Will be done, just Pray for me that I’ll be okay the outcome either way. I just went through this in Sept, I found out on a Wednesday & by Saturday I miscarried (3days later). This time is the same exact 3 days later I’m having bleeding. I keep asking GOD if I’ve done something wrong b/c I don’t know how many times I can keep going through this. I won’t find out until I have my labs done. Just Pray for me please & thank you. I’m so glad we have this outlet to share with other women that are experiencing what we are going through. I hope me posting to this can help & be a Blessing to another woman in here. To let her know you’re not alone. Unfortunately, we have experienced the same pain. But I’m trying to find what GOD is trying to teach me out of this & not think of it as punishment but it’s hard 😢