Fear of pregnancy has caused problems ☹️

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My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year and half. We’ve been having sex for like maybe a year or so and it was totally fine until about March of 2017. We had a slight scare, even though we used condoms, and so I instantly went onto the pill. Ever since I’ve been on the pill we still use condoms and my boyfriend pulls out too just in case it breaks when he cums.

Anyways, every time we have sex my boyfriend goes into a panic until I have my period. He honestly believes he can get me pregnant through condoms, pills, and pulling out. I know there’s a possibility but still! He becomes a nervous reck and I don’t know how to deal with it. We’ve limited the time we have penetrative sex but still he worries.

Any advice on how to calm him down?

And before anyone tries to say anything mean, he wants kids one day. It’s just right now we’re working on our careers and we’re not married yet. He’s very afraid of being a bad dad because his father left him, so he thinks if he has a kid now then he’ll be a shit father. Just wanted to add that before anyone tries to tell me to break up with him.

But still, advice please!