Absolutely petrified!! SURGERY TOMORROW!!!

I got put on early bedrest at 21 weeks cause my cervix is vastly shortening 6mm in 2 weeks first drop and 6mm in a week for the 2nd major drop. This Tuesday I went and another 6mm drop to make my cervix at 1.4 so tomorrow I am going on for a cervical cerclage!  I'm crying in fear even typing this I am so overwhelmed and scarred. I am getting a spinal only which great I won't feel it but I've never been awake before for a surgery. I suffer from anxiety really bad so knowing I will be awake and alone for this. My husband I'm sure won't be able to be back there with me. My stomach is in knots. I just need prayers for piece of mind nd safety for me and my baby boy please!!!  I had a panic attack tonight I hope I'm able to get some kind of sleep!!!  Thank you in advance for the prayers!