Sleeping help!?

Seems like everyone I know who has a little one is super lucky that they sleep thru the night. My 6wk old LO just fusses and grunts and flails around and refuses to fall asleep. I have been messing around for over two hours now trying to get her to sleep. I'm so tired from dealing with this every night. She will NOT go to sleep before midnight. Swaddle, rock N play, basinet, gripe water, pacifier, holding, rocking, singing....idk what else to try. She NEEDS to start going to sleep sooner. She will fall asleep in daddy's arms but then 20mim after he puts her in bed she will be up and yelling/screaming/wild eyes/gasping and panting and flailing around and nothing I do works and daddy needs to sleep cuz he works in AM.  How's this supposed to work when I go back to work?? I try to keep her up after 5pm but it doesn't help. any ideas welcome.