Tww crazy symptoms lets confess! Its always fun to hear and compare symptoms. Lets get through this tww!


Sure it could be all in our head.

But it sure is exciting to hear people with the same symptoms as you! Or any symptoms for that matter so we feel just a tad bit sane 😁

Im due for AF June 5th, and since a few days past ovulation my symptoms have been.

-Gass so bad my husband can't stand to be near me! we laugh though! Its been awful and painful! Seriously like even when I pee I feel pressure so bad from gass😮

-heartburn on and off.

I had it for 3 days straight after ovulation.

-sore breasts It hurts to lay on my stomach at this point. It never gets this bad for af or ovulation.

-I wake up 2 times during the night to pee. I actually peed before I took a bath today,and had to go again when I got out!

-boobs also look bigger even hubby agrees:)

Now confess ladies! Let's hear some symptoms whether the same or different.