This little blessing came on May 25th at 9:52 pm 6lbs 14oz and 19in

Hannah • Proud mommy to a beautiful daughter named Leah Faith Mailhot. Born 5-25-15 6lbs 14oz 19in :] ♡

This little blessing came on May 25th at 9:52 pm 6lbs 14oz and 19in! Leah Mailhot.

We were actually scheduled to be induced that day but I guess she knew something was up and decided to come three hours early! We got there at 4pm and she was born at 9:52. Things went so quick we got there at 4cm and within the hours we were already to a 9cm.

I did stop dilating at 9cm so they did start some pitocin.--.

Got the epidural at I believe 4-5cm I thought they were gonna wait a bit but oh well haha it was alright and worked pretty good, the guy did a smooth job. Shortly after the epidural my water broke on its own and I couldn't help but laugh lol it scared me!I felt a big POP POP then that huge gush lol. After that I dilated from that 4-5 to a 7-8 lol. I thought that epidural was gonna slow stuff down but not really.

Once we hit 10cm they said get ready to push and omg I was so excited! My boyfriend and everyone was so nervous and freaking out but I was so chill and calm the whole time for some reason. I didn't freak out at all, I was more scared at home but as soon as we got to the hospital I was fine and super happy.

Pushing was... different lol. I did a good 6-8 pushes before her head started to show, then another push and her head came out. I felt it:) I think another two pushes and the rest of her started coming out and they let me help kind of pull her out, not like legit pull her but I grabbed her for that first skin to skin. I fell in love with my boyfriend all over again seeing him cry and show how much he loves her. We changed into different people instantly after she was born is so amazing. She's been such a blessing. We go home some time today. Breastfeeding was a little eh at first but she definitely can latch and it's an adorable little bond I don't even want her to grow up:'( I'm gonna end up having like 8 kids because of baby fever lmfaoo.

She was definitely worth the 9 months and labor and delivery. I love her!!!