Collin is finally here!!!!!!

I was admited in the hospital at 8pm on the 25th to be induced at 7am the following morning.  At 9pm I was give medication to ripen my cervix.  Contractions began at 12am and by 1:30am the contractions were unbearable.  I called the nurse to request pain meds.  The nurse checked my cervix and I was 8cm.  So then everything jumped into high gear because I was ready to deliver.  The doctor came in and broke my water.  Then I had the urge to push.  The doctor did not have time to gown up because he was crowning.  After 4 hard pushes he was delivered head up which made it harder and painful.  I tore and required many sutures to stop the bleeding.  At 1:47am Collin entered the world weighing  8lbs and 22 inches long. I can't stop look at him, he is more than I could ever