I am so done being pregnant!!!!!!

Jennifer • 29 year old married mama to one sweet 17 month old boy, Elijah. Waiting for our dear Lucy to enter the world June 2015!!
36+6 today and I'm so anxious and miserable! I have a 17 month old son I'm taking care of as well and I am just so freaking exhausted all the time! Luckily my husband takes him outside when he gets home from and they play out there. I know I am very lucky to have a healthy pregnancy but I'm just ready to be done. I am getting my c section June 12 at 39 weeks. (Due June 19) sort of don't know how I'm gonna make it the next two weeks without tearing my hair out!!! Lol.  I just needed to vent. Anyone else feeling D O N E?!?!