Hand me downs for first baby

joyce • I've been with the love of my life for 14 yrs. We're expecting baby #2 (boy) we are extremely happy and excited.
I have a few friends who already had a baby girl and they offered/gave me a lot of baby clothes for my unborn first baby. My family is devistated that I accepted, they can't believe that I would dress my FIRST baby in hand me down clothes. I really don't mind. Every I'm the youngest of 3 and I was a nanny of 4kids so I know how they grow fast and clothes can get expensive(on top of everything else we have to buy)  The clothes look new and there is no stains on them. I did buy some new clothes but I rather spend my money on the nursery furniture and other items. Is my family right? Am I being too layed back with this? Every time they speak to me they mention it. Or if I go to a baby store with my mom she says "well I don't have to buy the baby any clothes Bc she already has a whole closet full" it's starting to bother me.