Strength to deal w/ monster in law

I'm 21 weeks pregnant with our first baby girl, with my husband of 2 years. His parents lives with us, but is hardly home as they have their own home about 3 hours ago. His mom is always throwing subtle stabs at me before I was pregnant, and turned around to tell people she was the best MIL ever! Yesterday, after a long day of work, and dealing with a mess that she had originally caused, my husband tells me that he was looking to open a business. Being as tired as I was, I didn't ask or know much details. She then calls me and says "you better not let him open that business, he's going to follow his customers and leave you and your baby. And when that happens, don't dare come running home crying to me!" And I was furious. I cried, and was so emotional, lost all words. So my husband calls her and confronts her, and she denied saying any thing like that! It was absurd! She said all those things to me, then turned around to a different person to her son. I packed up, and left to my mom. My husband sided with her at the time, but later texted me to come home and said his mom never wants to speak to me again. Any of you ladies had to deal with this? This isn't the first, but being pregnant definitely makes it harder to deal. How did you deal with it? How would you suggest my next step be?
Thank you loves 😔