We stumped the doctor...

Elle • Identical twin girls, born 1/10/19

UPDATED - see below original post for updates with dates

Quick back story: pregnant in October, miscarried in November. Pregnant in December with no period between so we don’t have an EDD. Went for an early scan (1/3) to date it, yolk sac present but no fetal pole yet. Come back in a week. Next visit (1/11) still see yolk sac, only it’s way too big.

Doc says that the enlarged/mega yolk sac is pretty much a guarantee that fetal demise is imminent. I asked for time to think about my options (she was ready to schedule a DNC right then), but offered cytotec also as a choice. We rescheduled for another week later so I could have closure.

Today’s appointment (1/18) surprised everyone. This is what we saw:

She isn’t sure what it means, and we still aren’t sure about dates or how far along I am. Next appointment is a week from tomorrow 1/26.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this??

1/21 update: thank you to everyone sending positive wishes, thoughts, prayers my way. I tear up each night (that is a lie, I check in like 7000 times per day) when I catch up on the posts from all of the positivity. You all are amazing. Today happens to be my birthday, so I got to make my own wish too! A family member passed away this week also, I went to the funeral on Friday and was talking to the priest after the ceremony. He gave me a blessing as well. I cannot think of any other blessings we can send out into the universe, so I want to thank you again.

Next update should be the u/s on Friday 1/26, unless I get some sort of crazy news about my blood work in the meantime. Hoping for a heartbeat or two on Friday!

1/22 blood work update...no increase in hcg from Thursday to Saturday so they are going to draw it again tomorrow. I’m sitting around 14k. The nurse said it’s not awesome news but if something were wrong, it would plummet.

1/24 blood work results update, slight increase in hcg but not typical double the numbers. I had to call for my results, so I was already frustrated. The nurse said let’s just keep your Friday appointment so you can make your decision on the DNC. I kind of blew up at her. I’m so tired of the DNC being pushed on me! I suspect it is because she has my diagnosis (ICD code) in as missed mc. I just thought that was to have insurance keep paying for each test. I figured that the slight drop last week was the loss of a twin, but was waiting for the u/s to see for sure. I’m sorry, I’m worked up now. Time to go cool off. Thanks everyone for the positive vibes!

1/26 update: “it’s not bad news” is all I really took away from today’s appointment. The doctor did not recommend DNC, so we have that going for us. We saw two yolk sacs, both well formed, saw growth of the gestational sac, and even got CRL measurement. According to all of the data, I measured at 6w1d, which doesn’t make sense according to my hpt bfp, but...at least we are growing and 6w1d makes sense that we haven’t seen a heartbeat (or two) yet. Back again next Friday afternoon! 2/2 groundhog day, appropriate.

1/29 update: I put the update in the comments for those following, but the synopsis is that I got a call around 830 (EST) this morning saying my hcg dropped again, this time from 14k on Tuesday last week to 11k on Friday. I knew that miscarriage is inevitable with a plummet like that. By 4pm I was already starting to bleed. The cramps are starting to pick up in intensity, so I expect that tonight won’t be fun. I do appreciate all the positive thoughts and prayers, you all gave me strength to keep pushing and stay optimistic. My takeaway from this is to take each day as it comes, enjoy what you have because tomorrow is not promised to any of us. We will try again, but in the meantime we will focus on just loving each other.