OPK - Clomid - Ovulation HELP!

I need some insight. I am on my second round of clomid this month (50 mg days 3-7) I haven't been temping in an effort to try and remain less paranoid/stressed through this process. I confirmedovulated last month on the same dosage and we baby danced days 11-20 as told...but watching my temp drop and know my period was coming was awful.
I'm now on day 20 of this cycle and I believe I got my first positive OPK (see attached pic and let me know what you think)
Is it normal to ovulate different days each month, last month was day 17 and I'm at day 20 now and just getting my surge...
I'm trying not to get discouraged just really can't handle another negative, it was so draining last month...
Any thoughts on your clomid/TTC journey would be greatly appreciated...thanks ladies!