I'm 35 weeks pregnant. I'm tired and my back is sore and I'm working full time as a dental hygienist. Literally about to murder my husband. Today, suns out (80 degree weather) and I'm stuck working 7-5. My husband has the day off... and I come home to a driveway full of cars. My windows and doors left wide open (while AC is on) and don't worry I pay that bill. Meanwhile my husband and his "guests" are having a blast enjoying the sun on an adult size slip n slide that my husband created. WHAT THEEEEEEEE HELL. He has time to concoct a slip and slide but he does not have any time at all to finish installing closet doors in our soon to be daughters nursery or to finish miscellaneous projects in the house that need to get done before our daughter arrives. Also, why am I the one working? I am extremely angry and I'm mad at the world!!!
Am I overreacting? 
I'm angry at my husband, my friends/neighbors who also had the day off and their wives who always get to stay at home instead of having to bust their asses like me in the workplace while 9 months pregnant. I seriously just needed to vent and feel free to tell me if I'm out of line and if these hormones are just raging. I am so upset I could lose it!! 😡😡😡😡😡