Need encouraging words

Im 22 years old and I have borderline personality disorder and severe depression, so in the past unfortunately it's been extremely hard for me to keep jobs...I currently have had the same part time job making $8.75 an hour for 3 months but just was offered a care giver postion in a nursing home which will be full time $11 an hour...they even offer a program where they'll pay for me to become a CNA and then I can potentially make more than $11. Some major concerns of mine tho are that in order to do the whole CNA thing which I definitely wanna do, I have to agree to work there for an entire year or I'll have to pay them back...also, it's about a 25 minute commute to and from each day..I can't decide what to do. It sounds perfect but bc of my mental health issues I'm so scared I'll fuck it up like every ther job.. Can anyone give me some words of encouragement or some advice? Please don't be mean :/