Christmas babies?

So those of you due on or around Christmas, and who celebrate Christmas, have you given any thought to how to handle the birthday thing? 
My family isn't religious but we get all into the holiday season, baking, decorating, gifts, family gatherings and the like. I had thought to maybe make Christmas more low key and do a holiday from my husband's side up as big as we can, but it really is the time we all get together and I don't want to just cut that tradition off... 
My idea was - at least when they are old enough for parties - do the friends celebration around December 1 while school is still in session and something small for family on whatever day is the actual birthday, even if Christmas. 
My FIL is also born on Christmas but they don't celebrate it so much - just a cake that doubles as a birthday cake (their biggest holidays are in September and October so not a big deal for them.) I just want to keep some of my own traditions while not ignoring my kid's big day either.