How to talk dirty during sex?

💝 👪 💝 • Been married to the love of my life for almost 5 years (9 years together total) & we have decided we`re finally at a place where we are ready to have a baby & we are so excited!!!

I met my husband when I was barely 16. He was my first & has been my only sexual partner. I love him & I definitely enjoy our sex life & he does too. He mostly always "finishes" & he tells me our sex life is great, but I know he is really into "talking dirty", & I'm just not. I was sexually abused as a child & there are some things I just can't do (like being tied up or pinned down). I want to be able to do the talking dirty stuff, but I feel embarassed & I don't know what to say really. I say a couple things, but I feel like it gets old & boring & I'm scared I'm going to say something stupid or make it weird. =( I thought about watching porn to see what people say, but my husband said he usually laughs at porn bc it is so corny.

So how can I learn waht things to say that might be sexy that aren't completely weird?