I don't know my cycle length help me glow

This cycle has been 55 days since my lmp 
​Got my period today being 19 days late!! Never more than 7 
​So... Starting with oct my cycle changed from a 30 day cycle I got a uti and for some reason still not sure after antibiotics I started my period on cd 36 on 26th of oct being 6 days late but spotted from cd 30 
​No period in nov 2013 
​Dec 6th 2013 cd42 I got my period I spotted for 3 days then full flow the 6th dec 2013 
​Now this month I spotted 3 days and had full period this evening I'm on cd55 today 
​So where am I with my tracking I don't know where to. Begin an this app is all wrong because I'm so confused please help me glow before oct I used glow and it was spot in